Sync licensing

All of Clay Melton’s Original music is available for Sync Licensing. If you would like to discuss using one of Clay’s songs please use the Contact Us page

Body Map

Pop / Rock

Body Map is a laid back, positive song with a theme of new love. A playful guitar riff is the musical theme accompanied by laid back vocals.  

Mood: happy, sweet, romantic, emotional, loving, 

Good for: blissful moments, lighthearted romantic moments, joyful or playful scenes. Innocent & new love, hope, easy feeling.

Wind & Wave

R&B / Pop

Wind & Wave is a groove based classic r&b/rock song with guest feature vocalist, Kam Franklin of The Suffers. Featuring a shuffly drum beat and a Horn section accompanying the chorus (1:40 mark), A notable moment is the outro horn solo where the song moves into a slightly retro/psychadelic moment.

Mood: Smooth, groovy feel, Retro scenes, exciting, fun, dancing scenes accompanied with the outro. Drum intro could be a walking shot. 

Good For: Dancing, Sweet moments, retro feels, exciting moments, romantic moments, exploration, happy, loving, drum intro great for a walking shot.


Southern Surf Pop

Soul is a happy,  Laid back , southern rock love song with and a Chorus that features a beach boys ‘esque Back ground vocals over a surf beat and Organ pad.

Mood: Happy, Loving, Laid back, retro, California surf pop,

Good For: Happy or sweet moments, good times,  innocent or youthful moments. Carefree, in love


Riff based rock n roll

Secrets is an upbeat guitar driven rock rhythm based. With an intro that builds up from a low spacey dynamic o an enter-guitar-riff full band drop. Exits with an exciting, explosion-moment solo. 

Mood: Rocky, Fun, exciting, Serious, intense, jammy, rocky.

Good For: Action, driving in a car, exciting or angry moments, intense moments.

Love Out Loud

ambient rock power ballad

Guitar Driven Hook Based Ambient alternative rock track. The Hook sings “Hold On to what you love, it could all be gone tomorrow”. Straight forward, driving chorus, Bridge goes to a snare roll, bass synth, build. Enters to an acoustic/vocal only break before the last driving chorus. Exits through a half time epic feel and wraps up with the ambient intro riff.

Mood: Heartfelt, Ambient, Serious, Epic, dramatic.

Good For: Epic Moments, Action, intense moments, Slow motion moments 


ambient blues rock

A minor key, dark, guitar centered Rock/Blues track. Serous Feel in the intro leads to a spacy pre-chorus, halftime synth ambient chorus before it breaks into rocky band hits leading to the hook followed by a Blues Guitar Jam. Outro includes high energy guitar moments and spacy dynamic drops. 

Mood: dark, defiant, Somber, intense, Jammy, Rocky.

Good For: Battle or fight scenes. Action, epic or dramatic moment.

Burn the Ships

instrumental rock

Guitar Driven Instrumental Minor Track, Building intro intro a heavy synth/full band drop great for slow motion, ominous, action or serious moments. Big Guitar Solo, intro a drop where the band builds together.

Mood: dark, intense, epic, serious

Good For: Serious Moments, Action, Slow motion, battles or fights, sinister moments, intense moments.

Timing’s Everything

Guitar driven Rock/Blues

Guitar Driven, Rock/Blues riff based. Intense Drums. Blues Shuffle for the verses and a big guitar chord pre-chorus. The songs eventually breaks to an up tempoed guitar break and double time jam. A noise section happens at the end before jumping back to the opening riff to close the song. 

Mood: rocky, bluesy, intense, angry, defiant, action, jammy.

Good For: fun times, crazy or exciting moments, explosions. High energy moments.

All Alone


A stripped down, somber and sweet song about old age and losing those around you. Soft dynamic vocals and a reoccurring acoustic guitar riff are the music theme and only elements in this tune.

Mood: Somber, Sweet, Sad, reminiscent, fearful, questioning.

Good For: Sad moments, lonely moments, heartbreaking moments, emotional moments. 


Dark Rock

Battlement is a Dark, slow, epic rock song about a battle against evil. Enters with & guitar & Vocals accompanied by spacey sounds, builds to a full band drop. Epic choruses and drum and bass hits. Big guitar moments and spacey solo before another build to full band hits for a last chorus. High Dynamic ending. 

Mood: Epic, Dark, Defiant, intense,Dramatic, spacy, heavy.

Good For: Battle or fight scenes, Action or intense moments.