Sound Check with Clay Melton — CityBook Houston

Like many a guitar aficionado, Houston-reared Clay Melton got hooked on rock courtesy of Jimi Hendrix. “I remember hearing the solo in ‘All Along the Watchtower’ and wanting to make that sound,” says Melton, now 23. He grew up listening to and studying Stevie Ray Vaughan, “jazz cats” like Wes Montgomery, and even a little John Mayer. (“He can write a good pop song.”)

Melton’s eponymous band released its debut record, the genre-hopping album Burn the Ships, last fall. He calls the band’s vibe “rock, rhythm and blues,” and says he and his crew — Zach Grindle on drums and Raymon Minton on bass and synths — relish not being “pigeon-holed into a sound.” The Clay Melton Band is planning a summer tour along the East Coast, for the second time in the last nine months. It might sound tiring, but as the laid-back Melton is known to say, “Ain’t no thing.”

Clay Melton